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    Convenience, Comfort, Safety: Luxury

    Your Yacht continuously observes ships in your distant and immediate environment, to keep you and your Yacht safe as well as providing convenient assistant systems as well as autonomous driving.

    Functions such as "Auto Dock", "Hold Position" or even a "Follow Me" function allow for a silent, comfortable and safe vacation.

    "Follow Me": Are you a diver and enjoy discovering the coral reefs of the oceans? Anchoring in these vicinities is forbidden as it can harm the ecosystem, the "Follow Me" function will track your movements while you are diving and everything that happens above the water surface and follow you. This does not only keep you safe, this convenient function also preserves the valuable environment which you wish to discover

    Striving for better

    The fully integrated sensor kit of the Yacht continuously accumulates data to ensure your comfort and safety. This anonymous data enables the system's manufacturer to continuously improve your Yacht! Systems are being refined, functions are being added. Every data set you gather makes your Yacht Smarter! 

    • Follow me Mode

    • Virtual Anchor - Holding position

    • Autonomous Starboard Docking

    • Autonomous Stern Docking

      Vision: "Silent Route"

      For all the believers, the vision "Silent Route", entails an exclusive route along one of the most breathtaking coastlines in Europe. A route for BEV's including infrastructure, exclusive berths and Silent Resorts.



                     silent yachts new
      anker   5 Marina Spots as a starting point for the Silent Resort Route
      resort new   3-8 Silent Island resorts in the Bays form a new nautical 5 Star tourism offering